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Dates shown below are publicly advertised.

Use of the layout on days not indicated is down to choice of members.


Last update 22/1/2023


Complete platform edges

Cut back bay platform where cow catchers catch

Creosote whole of front fence

Bedding plant cultivation

Maintenance and return of JigStones models

Elevate station building

Tubular outers (paint brown) to safety barrier chain spikes

Relay paving slabs under planters with weed control

Remove carpeting

Scalping operating area

Level crossing construction (Arthur) - response so far received indicates level crossing preferred to footbridge.

Install directional signage (Stuart)

Possibility investigation of secure storage space for donated rolling stock, etc (Stuart)

Thursday 26th January fortnightly check - Pete

Wednesday 8th February fortnightly check - Pete

Wednesday 22nd February fornightly check - Pete

Wednesday 8th March fortnightly check - Pete

Wednesday 22nd March fortnightly check - Pete

Wednesday 29th March final check -Pete

Please remember certain conditions of use are to be observed...

L&B Volunteers sign in and out at the Messroom

Visiting runners sign in and out at the layout.

Keeping to public pathways if not on HOPS system.

Providing safety valve self test form copy for each steam loco being used...valid for one year.

No boxes or equipment to be placed on layout - keep below layout.

Always leave the site tidy.

The premises are closed after the last L&B train has run.

Use of the layout is currently only for 16mm Association members and L&B Volunteers.

For further information:

Pete Chandler: 01271 378300

Mobile: 07957212283

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