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Pete Chandler's 16mm scale"Modelettes"

True to my nature of creating artistic nonsense, here's a new series of FREE lineside quirks for general enjoyment of a challenge to owners of a pc or laptop, printer, sharp craft knife and glue. I'm sure that those of a certain age will remember those much earlier days of filling our frosty bedrooms with an assortment of cardboard models, eagerly waiting for the corn flake pack to be finished with, and rushing home from school in anticipation of adding a new item to the collection.

But now there's a reason for this insanity. A garden railway loves side effects. Remember - they won't be weatherproof! Or breeze proof!! But who cares? Just stick them on the mantelpiece, or on the fire. 

Simply download the PDF files of the subject/s which interest you...print onto sheets of A4 thin card (210 gsm recommended, usually available at supermarkets in packs of up to 30) and kill most of a wet winter's Sunday with this latter day 1960's style Kellog's cereal packback model vibe.

Throwback technology that's cheap, cheerful and fun, but that's debatable. 

Screenshot (221).png
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